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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a friend perform our wedding ceremony?
Probably not. In Ontario only licensed Officiants, some city clerks and Justices of the Peace are able to legally marry people. Officiants are required to be a member of a recognized clergy. Unlike the United States of America, one cannot get licensed online to perform a legal wedding ceremony in Ontario
How much can I expect to spend?
Fees are set based on a number of factors. Feel free to contact Secular Weddings with your wedding/ceremony date and additional information as requested on the contact page to receive a quote.
How much can we customize our ceremony?

There are only three parts of a marriage ceremony which are legally required (statement of intent, witness affirmation and declaration of marriage).

Everything else is personal choice.  Couples have a variety of options available to them with the ability to customize a large majority of the ceremony. With the addition of the legal requirements, the ceremony is yours to design.

What does the officiant wear?
In most cases a formal 2 piece suit will be worn. As the ceremony is yours to design, Secular Weddings will attempt to accommodate requests and themes whenever possible.
Does the officiant stay for the reception?

No, the officiant’s expectation is to provide you with a ceremony and leave you so you may enjoy your celebration with your friends and family.

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